Bullfighting in Western Kenya

Conspicuously missing from a previous posting on Western Kenya Tourist Circuit, were a number of sites and events;

  • The Legendary Weeping Stone of Maragoli located outside Kakamega town.
  • The Martha’s Guest House constructed in 1932 by James Shiraku in Butere District near Namasoli shopping centre.
  • Boys’ rites of passage marked by circumcision ceremonies that take place in the months of August and December.
  • The vibrant Luhya traditional Isikuti dance.
  • Your usual dose of Obusuma (Ugali), which is the local staple food.
  • The Sensational and engaging Bullfighting.

Bull Fighting

Boxing Bull by Ron Leishman

Bull fighting starts with young bulls being specially identified and put on special diets to make them strong. They are then trained for a period of up to 3 years and then, allowed to engage in a very exciting to see combat cheered by very enthusiastic crowds.

Bull fighting is a very old cultural tradition in Western Kenya. Stories have it that, in the olden days, bullfighting was for cleansing those who had fought in wars in bid to detach them from evil spirits of those they had killed. In fact, for communities in Western Kenya, the climax of such ceremonies was always bull fighting.

The community that breeds champion bulls is highly regarded. These ceremonies have now become popular cultural events that attract thousands from Kenya and abroad.

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