Boda Boda, King of The Road

Here is a thrill that some of our users recommended, it is no ordinary thrill that you will find in the mountains or in the lakes of Uganda. You will find this on the streets of Kampala everyday as you go buy your work.

They will wheeze past you in traffic like bumblebees, weaving through traffic with skills that have been mastered over the years of being in the same profession.

They always seem too busy or too fast to get to the next destination and sometimes stop by you to ask if you are headed in their direction, they are the boda bodas that have filled the streets of Kampala.

Boda bodas came into prominence in the early 90s in Kampala when the city’s population was growing; they are basically regular street motorbikes that are used as a form of commercial transportation next to the taxis or matatus.

Although in the beginning most people shied away from them because of the danger of riding a motorbike, the boda boda transportation business has grown all over the country with almost every region having several of them in the towns.

A boda boda rider and client wade through Kampala Traffic

They were not organized either, you could find several of them with no specific stage or stop where people could get their services. Most of them were always driving the roads looking for clients to take up or ferrying goods through the city with no specific location,

Boda bodas have grown since then, you can find them on several streets in Kampala or even out of town with designated stages and some under organizations like Safe boda that provide helmets and other safety for the riders and their clients. They are provided with receipts so that you get to know how much a certain distance traveled and a hot-line to access a specified rider wherever you are in the city.

the LOL side of it

They are best way to get through town through hefty Kampala traffic especially when you are late for an appointment, they will get you across town in meetings; their prices within town range from 1000 UGX to 4000 UGX, out of town will cost you above 5000 UGX depending on the distance traveled and your bargaining power.

With boda bodas, you always have to use the ones that have stages especially at night just for safety purposes and when you are going a little far from the towns due to the fact that occasionally there are thugs that masquerade as boda boda riders and use such opportunities to rob people. Its best to always use the ones at the stages since they know each other and are usually registered to that stage, with a chairman and allocated numbers, when something goes wrong you can come back to that very stage and lodge a complaint. Tour the city and access every part of it with the boda bodas, you will never miss a moment with them.

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