5 Factors to Consider When Choosing your Honeymoon Location

The season for weddings especially in Kenya and the East African region is nigh; couples planning to exchange vows in the upcoming holiday and high season are in no doubt down to the basics of planning their first holiday as husband and wife. Honeymoon destinations, however can get cliche; with writers and guides recommending the tried and tested cookie cutter ideas that may not capture your imagination. Fast cars, happy sun downers and stretches of blue waters may not make it for everyone; some are made for the terrains, sliding on sandbanks and fighting fog on mountain peaks along the less traveled courses. Jumia Travel lists down a number of factors to look at while planning your honeymoon.

Who are you?

The most important factor in making a successful, blissful and memorable honeymoon holiday is by ensuring that you both enjoy it. Needless to say, it’s not the best time to try something you’ve never had interest in before. It’s therefore important to keep in consideration your personalities, what you both enjoy and what you can happily compromise on. For instance, are you easy going? The kind who just needs a prompt to get down to some terrific indulgence without loads of planning. Also, what fascinates you? An indoor holiday locked between the lounge and the honeymoon suite, or sun-downer moments knocking down piña colada and exotic wines? Would you rather spend days naming and chasing gorilla families in Virunga, or on a sunbed in the sandy coasts of Bazaruto?


Marital bliss should ideally be a forever-after experience; but the honeymoon vybe may have only a week to blow it’s positive energies to your union. Whether for three days stay in a vintage cottage, a fortnight on the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro or a month-long trip across Asia, you need to plan your itinerary against your time. Apart from allowing yourself enough time for each desired activity, a timeplan will also help you with your packing, budgetary, timely booking and reservations of services that you may need while away.


You want to get the max bang out of your honeymoon buck? Shopping around is next to timely planning. After making peace with the drop in your savings pot, it’s important to sit back and list down ideas that will make you feel most fulfilled. Once done, find out your suppliers; compare flights, call hotels and engage agents. Your troubles will save you a pretty penny, which can be ploughed back into the experience; by throwing in a surprise dinner, site visit or an activity that you’ll both enjoy. Remember too, it’s easy to find and enjoy duplicate activities in totally different locations, thus if location is of less priority compared to the activity, then it makes sense to first search for the destinations that offer best experience in your scheduled activities.

Keep off the Crowds

Honeymoon is about cupid struck hearts who’ve just signed up their lifetime to each other. Do your best to keep it that way; at least for the first few days of your stay. Look out for locations that have less in-flow especially if traveling during the peak season. You can also mention to the hotel or your agent that you are on honeymoon and may require some privacy. This is not actual isolation, but just a need to get away and spend a few days together.

Weather Patterns and Natural Catastrophes

While some occurrences are completely beyond human control, it pays to be a little cautious and do some background checks. For instance, some seasons and locations are highly defined as more likely to be hit by hurricanes, storms and even volcanic eruptions than others. Do your due diligence before you set up your bags for your romantic vacation.

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