3BaysOver Introduces First Student Ambassador

3BaysOver has marked the World Tourism Day by rolling out a tourism schools program and naming their first student ambassador. This move now opens opportunities for more students and schools to join the platform free of charge. Here are details about the program and how you can join as well.

3BaysOver, Lausanne, Switzerland – 26 September, 2016 – 3BaysOver, the B2B social network for tourism, marks World Tourism Day by naming their first Student Ambassador. Gonzalo Lastra, a tourism student at the Metropolitan University of Technology (UTEM) in Santiago, Chile, will work alongside 3BaysOver’s team, learning and mastering networking and communications skills in the tourism industry.

This initiative has been put in place to support the company’s existing Tourism Schools Program, which aims to give academic communities access to a dynam­­ic and centralized space where students, faculty and alumni can interact with each other as well as with the global touri­sm industry.

 “3BaysOver has been proactively partnering with tourism and hospitality schools for some time now with a lot of success, so we are definitely thrilled about starting this next chapter. We’re all very excited about welcoming Gonzalo into our team” said Andy Ryan, CEO of 3BaysOver.

Networking and collaboration are critical to success in tourism. Most schools do not have access to effective and affordable networking solutions. Tourism and hospitality students begin actively networking with tourism professionals only after they have graduated. The Tourism Schools Program and the Student Ambassador Program have been designed to stimulate early career growth for students.

What are the benefits?

The platform gives students access to tourism professionals in over 160 countries. It allows them to start building a real tourism network now and enables them to find internships and job offers from all over the world.

The program is not just beneficial for students; academic institutions will improve their online visibility and accessibility within the global tourism and hospitality industry, while easily streamlining internal communications and improving collaboration with other tourism schools, organizations, and companies.

The platform is completely free but grants access by invitation only since 3BaysOver’s team ensures that all new members are active in tourism. However, you are invited to join the network directly at www.3baysover.com/earlyaccess

 Anyone interested in implementing the 3BaysOver school program in their educational institution can contact the Customer Success Team at 3BaysOver via join@3baysover.com

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